Insider 7-15-13

The Convergence of Cyriss burst onto the scene last week, making its presence known on tabletop battlefields across the world. To help everyone jump into the new faction this week, I’ve written a quick assembly guide for the Convergence of Cyriss Battlegroup.

First, lay out all the pieces and familiarize yourself with which models they belong to. In the picture below I have color-coded each piece to correspond with its respective model. Red indicates pieces needed for the Cipher, green for the Mitigator, yellow for the Galvanizer, and blue for Forge Master Syntherion. Your box may include a few extra pieces, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t have a spot for everything.

I’ll start with the warcaster, Forge Master Syntherion. Using a Formula P3 Hobby Knife and File Set, remove any visible mold lines from the model. Be sure you're using a fresh blade for the best results. Here I’ve laid out the pieces on their appropriate sides and drawn arrows to indicate where each should be glued.

After you’ve removed the mold lines, it’s time to assemble the model, starting with its arm housings. Be aware that the little pegs connecting the arm assemblies to the body are not interchangeable. Here is what the left arm should look like when it’s fully assembled.

Here’s what the right arm should look like:

Attach the arms to the torso and then glue the torso onto the lower body.

Now that Syntherion is assembled it’s time to move on to the Galvanizer. Once again, start by laying out all the components and cleaning off the mold lines. Begin your assembly at the top of the model and work your way down.

Now that the Galvanizer is assembled, put together the Mitigator.

Once the Mitigator is done, that just leaves the Cipher heavy vector. Start with the torso, then move on to the legs, and finish with the upper areas and arms; gluing the arms onto the model too early will make it more difficult to properly assemble the legs.

Now that all the models are assembled, all you have to do is prime and paint them.

For more assembly tips and a guide to painting your new Convergence battlegroup, check out "Paint Like a Machine" in No Quarter 48, in stores now. I look forward to seeing all your amazing Convergence armies!