Insider 7-11-2011

A lot of folks have mentioned Lock & Load on recent Privateer Insiders to discuss classes or hobby elements or their games on the tabletop field of battle. One part of Lock & Load that had particular significance to me was the Saturday night announcement panel.

It’s fairly common knowledge that the past few years have been a huge undertaking for the Privateer Press development department. Between a new faction, the global external field test for Mk II, and the nonstop battery of Mk II books, players are pretty aware of the monumental undertaking the past few years have been. Anyone who thinks that means development is taking a nice quiet break from the chaos, however, is sorely mistaken!

As announced at the Lock & Load panel, we’re feverishly at work on the new role-playing game set in Immoren, the world of WARMACHINE and HORDES. Our current goal is to release two complete books of role-playing game material at Gen Con 2012 to get players immediately immersed into the game with all of the tools they need to begin RPG adventures with a wide array of character possibilities. This project is a massive undertaking with an extremely aggressive schedule, and it guarantees that the development department will not be able to rest easily whatsoever!

On top of that, we announced Heap, a new card game in the Bodgers Game product line that is scheduled to release in 2012. This game yanks our iconic bodgers out of the workshop and places them in a post-apocalyptic landscape of ruined streets and heaping mounds of scrap metal and broken vehicles. Players compete to be the first bodger to tinker a fleet of makeshift vehicles together and defend the scrap heap from lesser scavengers.

I hate to sound like a late-night TV commercial, but that’s not all! We also announced the new science fiction setting Level 7. Though the announced details are still very limited at this point in time, the first product in this new setting will be releasing in 2012. Working on a brand new setting that we’re looking to establish as a permanent part of the Privateer Press product arsenal is exciting but also quite a challenge.

Oh, and I can’t forget a new WARMACHINE anthology book, a new HORDES anthology book, future Monsterpocalypse products, and a variety of projects I can’t even talk about yet. Yup, we’re crazy-busy in the development department, and that means 2012 is shaping up to be a big year for Privateer Press releases!