Insider 7-1-2011

Attendees of Lock & Load GameFest 2011 were treated to sneak peeks of a lot of the upcoming artwork from HORDES: Domination, and since then, I have seen a lot of blurry images floating around the internet. So, because I can, I would like to give you a clearer look at two of these pieces of art.

First up is Master Ascetic Naaresh by Andrea Uderzo. Not only did Andrea do the illustration for this wicked Skorne warlock, he did the concept art from the ground up. Skorne players will love Naaresh on the battlefield as both a great giver and taker of pain.

Next we have Baldur the Stonesoul by Nestor Ossandon. I love this dynamic “hood down” version of Baldur kicking ass.

Keep an eye out for a lot more artwork from these two great artists in Domination, and you can get an early look at Naaresh in the pages of No Quarter #37.