Insider 7-08-13

Hey folks!

I’m Jay, the CEO of WhiteMoon Dreams. As you know, WhiteMoon Dreams has the privilege of developing the upcoming WARMACHINE: Tactics video game with Privateer Press, and I wanted to introduce WhiteMoon to the WARMACHINE audience.

We formed our company with a few industry vets as our core about six years ago and have been navigating the seas of game development ever since, helping developers all over the world make their games and game technology better. At the same time, we’ve been working away at bringing out games we are passionate about, staying true to what folks like to play.

For most studios of our size and stature, sticking to the studio’s vision is challenging, especially in a difficult economy. WhiteMoon Dreams has been fiercely independent. We’re simply not going to go down any path that compromises our integrity or requires us to work on projects we have zero passion for. We’re also not interested in riding the latest development craze or serving as just one of countless developers supporting a gargantuan game release that cuts us loose once the project is complete. This independence is important to us, even though it means taking on contracts work and putting in the hours on nights and weekends to build the things we really want to build.

A longtime friend and tabletop enthusiast introduced me to WARMACHINE almost ten years ago, and I fell in love instantly. When we found out several years ago that Matt Wilson was talking with developers about making a video game, we jumped on the opportunity. WARMACHINE became our focus, and it has been ever since. We’ve been lucky to be able to work directly with Privateer these last few years and get to learn about the Iron Kingdoms inside and out. We live it and breathe it like they do now. It’s incredible.

On a typical day at WhiteMoon Dreams, I’m mostly a resource for the art and engineering groups as a technical artist. I usually handle complicated shaders, art-side optimizations, and art tool writing and provide recommendations on how best to proceed on technical issues with artwork. In addition, I spend a lot of time as a liaison between art and engineering. Sometimes it’s like being a translator between folks that speak two different languages.

Along with the technical side of things, I also contribute to artwork, handling things like in-game lighting and various aspects of CG for cinematics. Everyone at WhiteMoon Dreams is cross-trained in multiple disciplines so we can allocate our resources to the game's production development in the most efficient way possible through all stages of the game’s production. All our designers know how to program at some level. Our engineers and artists give a lot of input into game design. Even our producers contribute to game content development, pitching it on tasks such as audio work, cinematics, and video editing.

The folks at WhiteMoon are insanely committed to WARMACHINE; it’s the main thing on our minds day in and day out, both inside and outside the studio. Many of us are in some way tethered to both Privateer and WhiteMoon from about 5 a.m. to midnight, sometimes even longer. (It’s 3 a.m. as I write this!) The experience is insane and exhilarating at the same time. These are the things we do for our passions!

By the time the day is done, the WARMACHINE video game has taken amazing strides due to the firepower on the team. They leave the studio exhausted and spent but still buzzing with excitement for where the game is going to grow next.

Over the course of the game’s development, you’ll be hearing from us periodically. Our hope is that we can shed light on some of the mystery behind game development and give you insight into how games are built as we share our progress on WARMACHINE:Tactics.

To continue kicking off our reveals on the way to the Kickstarter project launch this Wednesday, July 10, here’s a screenshot of one of my soon-to-be favorite moments in the game: I’m a Khador kinda guy, and nothing makes me happier in multiplayer than wading into battle with the Butcher leading the charge!