Insider 6/21/2010 - Brian Dugas

Hey there, peeps! The last time we talked I was showing you how I make a figure from scratch.

Well, due to time constraints from the swell of projects for the upcoming books (not to mention the con season), I will only be able to tell you about the project I'm currently wrapping up.

That project being Gunnbjorn! He's pretty cool. Oh, if only you could see him! Usually when I finish a sculpt there's always something I wish I'd done differently, but not this time. I do believe he is one of the best figures I've made, and I NEVER say that. I really hope you guys feel the same way, especially now that I've jinxed myself.

Because you're all so sweet and special to me, I've arranged a sneak peek for you! So here you go, it's the original sculpt so it might be hard to make outsome details, but hopefully it's enough to keep you checking back for the painted version.

‘Til next time!