Insider 6/04/2010 - Matt Dipietro

As you’ve all probably seen by now, I’ve been working on a “massive” project lately: Dominar Rasheth. Brian Dugas produced a really nice sculpt full of little hidden details, so lets zoom in and check out some of the things you may have missed.

Any evil, corpulent villain is of course going to ride into battle with snacks. You’ve probably all noticed the goblet full of blood, but what about the bowl of eyeballs? I don’t even want to know what those dumplings are filled with.

Here is a top down picture of the warlock with his huge second chin smeared with vitreous humor.

Capturing the tortured look of the agonizers all hinged around nailing the correct expression in the face, so I focused on the eyes and tweaked them until I was satisfied with the look.

For those of you who are disgusted and offended by the torturing of the cute baby titans, we here at Privateer Press make the following pledge. For each Dominar Rasheth box that sells, we’ll free one baby titan from slavery and give him a balloon. Now some might whine about that only being a 3 to 1 ratio of slavery to freedom, but, hey, you better take what you can get!

Conversion by Rob Hawkins