Insider 6-8-2011

Lock & Load is approaching very quickly, and nobody at Privateer Press Headquarters is more eager for the GameFest to arrive than myself. There are many reasons to be excited about the event, but what tops the list for me is the fact that I haven’t been asked to work the show!


I have been working hard behind the scenes, but as far as putting in time during the actual GameFest itself, I may have been forgotten. Of course, I just jinxed myself by proclaiming this fact to the world, but really, there isn’t much I can hold a seminar about; I don’t think many people would be astounded by my encyclopedic knowledge of part numbers for a full hour! The only skill I can think of that would be entertaining for others to watch is an instructional class on how to chase paper salesmen with a 60-pound Caspian Battleblade (pro tip: the battle cry important).

I know, eventfully, some task involving either an Excel spreadsheet, physical labor, or Brute Squad duties will be assigned to me, but for now, I enjoy the prospect of having an open schedule for Lock & Load. The chance to throw down and roll dice with players from around the world in my own backyard has my competitive spirits high. In preparation, I have been building a new army just for the event. Under the influence of epic music montages, my revamped Siege list is nearing completion, so I am ready to take on all challengers!

I look forward to seeing you all there!