Insider 6-7-2011

If we’re going to be seeing you at Lock & Load and you do any sort of writing—whether for fun, profit, or penance—this could be your lucky day. Naturally I’ll be there, along with the rest of the Privateer staff, and I’m setting aside a bit of time to meet with a few attendees and help them polish up their writing skills or improve a particular piece. That’s right: six of you will have the chance for a brief one-on-one with a bona fide professional editor. And most of the time I’m not too mean. ;)

How will this work?

You’ll bring a piece of your writing for us to look at, no more than two pages (or about 1,000 words). You’ll read me your piece, and we’ll talk about it. Really, that’s all there is to it. You can bring fiction, essay, poetry, business report, your latest blog—whatever. Good writing is good writing. Every format has its own purpose, and there’s something to learn in all of them.

Each appointment will be only 15-20 minutes, so come prepared! You don’t need to have specific questions in mind, but do have an idea of what area you’d like to focus on in our discussion.

When will this happen, and how many slots are available?

There are six slots: three on Saturday and three on Sunday, between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.each day.

How do I sign up?

All slots have been reserved..

I’m not going to Lock & Load. Can I still participate?

Nope. This is just a bonus activity we’re offering for a few Lock & Load attendees. Spots are limited. I will not accept submissions by email or read your novel/story/script/reality show treatment.

So, does this mean . . . ?

This doesn’t change whether we accept outside submissions of fiction pieces for No Quarter or anything else. We don’t. This is not a clue that we are planning or considering such a change. We aren’t.

This is simply a way for one humble editor to share the joy of writing well, one comma at a time.