Insider 6-6-2011

Spring is a time for new beginnings. For a rabid rivet-head like myself, that means a new WARMACHINE army! It’s probably no surprise that my choice of army was inspired by the prospect of painting something a little different. I chose an Ashlynn Theme Force because I liked the idea of painting up Arcane Tempest Gun Mages and Precursor Knights in an alternative paint scheme, as well as painting some of the classic Mercenary models from before my time at privateer.

When painting an army, I always start with the core troops. Naturally, a unit of Gun Mages would be my first step. I wanted to include the purple of Ashlynn’s coat of arms while maintaining a somber look to the army as a whole, so the purple became a secondary accent color that I would apply to small, yet prominent areas of each figure. The dominant color is a bluish black and is perfect for the long coats worn by gun mages and a surprising number of other mercenaries.

I didn’t want any other colors to fight for prominence on the model, but with purple and black both being dark, I needed more contrast. So, I decided on white as a strong third color. Notice how the white gloves, hatpin, and tabard trim create a cross and cause the eye to move about the entire figure. The rest of the figure would be painted in somber blue-grays and brown with dull metallics.

Here is the finished unit: a good start to what promises to be a fun project. Keep checking back with the insider to see how the army progresses and for a step-by-step guide so that you can recreate a similar army at home!