Insider 6-23-2011

I’ve been with Privateer Press for eight years, and I’m one of the very first pewter-slingers. In that time, I have worn many hats. Most recently, I moved into mold making, but many of you may know me as PPS_Alex. In this guise, I am part of our effort to get our online store fully stocked and ready to go. I’ve pulled orders, helped pack, taken part in playtests, assembled and sent out organized play materials, helped feed the hungry maw of our Gen Con booth, and much more.

However, one hat that’s been gathering a bit of dust is that of player. It’s one part army ADD (especially in the wake of Mk II), one part sheer amount of time and effort I’ve been putting in at work, and one part other real-life concerns. I love our games, and I am constantly toying around with ideas for armies, color schemes, and modeling possibilities. There’s just been a certain drive lacking.

Then, this past Saturday, I dropped by Lock & Load to check out how things were going. I was blown away. Seeing so many people, all in one place, all there for the love of our games and worlds was humbling. I saw everything from the toughest competitive play to the variety of Iron Arena to new players still learning the ropes. Among the attendees were friends of mine, people I’ve only known online, and complete strangers. But all had one thing in common: they were all there with their models and dice, excited to be playing.

Even before I left, I realized that next year I need to do far more than just watch. On the way home, I resolved to work on the Feora army I’ve had in mind. When I got home, I assembled the first model for it, a Repenter. In the days since, I’ve been painting and planning out what to do next. I’ve been excited at the thought of having models on the table.

We have received many thanks from all of you for holding Lock and Load. From all of us, thank you for making that event come alive. Personally, I want to thank you for inspiring me to take up the player hat again.