Insider 6-22-2012

It’s always fun to see the creative stages a product goes through from idea to finished model. I would like to share with you some insight and images of the creation of Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey.

After that initial spark of an idea, a new miniature must be developed, playtested, and concepted. Then the concept art is sent off to a talented sculptor to be created from the ground up. The following images are the major sculpting stages I like to see in order to assure a great-looking figure.

1.) The first stage is getting the initial armature and pose in order. Here we have Vlad and his mount’s armature posed out and ready for putty bulking. This stage allows us to get an idea of the size and pose of the miniature. Notice the reference minis in the image to help with scale perspective. The weapons are taking shape and the size and length look great.

2.) At this stage, the mass has been bulked out and the basic anatomy can be seen. We can really begin to get a solid idea of where the sculpt is heading. At this stage, we can make any alterations to the anatomy before moving onto bulking out the armor and other basic shapes.

3.) Prior to working on the details, we check out the basic shapes of the armor and equipment. This is a great stage to make sure everything is heading in the correct direction.

4.)It all comes together in the last stage where we add the final details to the sculpt. As you can see, in order to get this sculpt finished with such accuracy, those first stages were a crucial necessity.

After these initial stages, a new process begins of breaking the sculpt down into smaller parts for production—but that’s a subject for another blog.

- Ron