Insider 6-21-2011

At Privateer Press, we’re constantly working on ways to improve your WARMACHINE and HORDES gaming experience. Right now, I’ve got a lot of cool new projects I’m working on that I think everyone is going to love. Today, I want to share one with you.

Our Shattered Grounds leagues and Steamroller tournaments are fantastic ways for experienced players to get the most out of their gaming. However, they may not be the best format for a new player to learn how to play the game. Not too long ago, my benevolent overseer William Shick came to me and said, “Hungerford! Official slow-grow league! Make it happen!”

(Why is it Hungerford whenever you mention me I sound like an amalgamation of every action movie police captain? - WS)

So, I sat down with Jason Martin and Jen Ikuta (our Organized Play coordinator and Quartermaster respectively) and went to work.

This September, we will be unveiling the new Journeyman Mk II format for organized play. This new format will be a six-week slow-grow league that helps new players learn the ropes and begin their journey to becoming a WARMACHINE and HORDES master. We worked with development manager David “DC” Carl to tighten up the rules for the league, with creative director Ed Bourelle on the very unique prizes the players will earn during this league, with everything going under the scrutator-like gaze of Will Shick. The whole process was a great experience, and I know in the end players will enjoy this format as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Personally, I think one of best aspects of this upcoming league is that players will be able to earn league points for playing games and painting their models. In fact, dedicated hobbyists who are only interested in painting our figures could still enter the league and earn some very unique rewards just for doing what they love. More information about Journeyman Mk II will be hitting the website this July.

Get ready to muster your troops and earn your stripes!