Insider 6-15-2017

Some very exciting changes are coming to No Quarter! Long story short, starting with the September/October issue, we’re reinventing No Quarter to be the most comprehensive and indispensable home for WARMACHINE and HORDES content! And since No Quarter is basically going epic, it needed a new name to reflect its epic form.

So, beginning in September, No Quarter will become No Quarter Prime, and we’re even beginning the sequential numbering over at issue #1! While No Quarter Prime will continue to deliver game and hobby articles as it always has, this will not be the same magazine you’ve seen before. Every issue is going to be jam-packed with game content you can use on the table right away and rich lore that will expand your knowledge of the Iron Kingdoms. And No Quarter Prime will be completely ad-free, because with all the great content we have planned, we don’t have a single page to spare!

So, why the changes to No Quarter’s format? One of the biggest advancements that came along with the new editions of WARMACHINE and HORDES is Community Integrated Development. Your input has allowed us to make the tabletop experience more exciting and more balanced. CID has also changed the way we approach publishing. The added fluidity that CID brings to rules development has compelled us to move to a more agile publishing model. So, you won’t see those anthology expansion books like WARMACHINE: Vengeance or HORDES: Exigence anymore, and new models and rules releases will center on theme forces. How does No Quarter Prime fit into this picture? Well, all that fantastic theme force content, and many more premium new features, will be published exclusively in No Quarter Prime! While we could have released the theme forces in publications not unlike the Command books, in the spirit of making No Quarter Prime the comprehensive home of WARMACHINE and HORDES material, we knew we wanted those theme forces in the magazine. This way, we can get it to you for much less than the twenty or thirty bucks you’d shell out for those books! With some rare exceptions (say, new Faction books like Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest), No Quarter Prime will be the home for printed WARMACHINE and HORDES content.

Each issue of No Quarter Prime will contain extensive, comprehensive information about one of the varied and unique fighting forces of the Iron Kingdoms. And we’re not just talking about a page of theme force rules—we’re talking about a deep dive into the background and organization of these fighting forces, the introduction of new units and heroes, their weapons and equipment, alternate color schemes for thematic units, new scenarios, and hobby features. And that’s JUST the theme force content. The September/October issue will have 36 pages of content on Cygnar’s trenchers, and each issue of No Quarter Prime will tackle a different theme force or comparable group of warriors for WARMACHINE and HORDES.

No Quarter Prime will have several new regular features, and the theme force content is just one example. One of the other exciting new additions will be the 18-page feature called “The Fire & the Forge,” dedicated to retelling the WARMACHINE and HORDES sagas from the beginning. We’ve heard your calls for a collected version of the WARMACHINE and HORDES sagas, and we’re answering with something more exciting than a mere compilation. This will be an updated chronicle of the events that ignited the modern era of warfare in the Iron Kingdoms as originally depicted beginning with WARMACHINE: Prime (the Mk I one), retold in a uniform, collected series and brought to you in each No Quarter Prime. “The Fire & the Forge” will use both essay and narrative storytelling to stitch together this grand saga—think of it like one of those History Channel series that goes back and forth between voiceover and dramatization. If you have wanted all the lore around the world-changing events of the Iron Kingdoms in one place, “The Fire & the Forge” series is going to deliver it.

For the latest on the state of models going through Community Integrated Development, “After-Action Report” will be a must-read feature. Each issue, our developers will give their insights on the updates and changes made to models in CID. In addition, “After Action Report” will be the first place to see the final versions of model stats once they have been tested in CID.

No Quarter Prime will also guide you through a tour of the geography and landmarks of Immoren. In “Hostile Territory,” an all-new feature exploring the iconic sites of the Iron Kingdoms, you’ll find in-depth information on historical battlefields, important fortresses and fortifications, and more. Each article will also feature a multiplayer scenario based on that location, a guide for making battlefield elements iconic of that location, and in-game rules for those elements.

Just as in recent issues, you’ll continue to find a new playable experience in each issue. Like previous No Quarter games Grind, Deck Raiders, and Extreme Colossal Wrestling, you’ll find new ways to play with your WARMACHINE and HORDES models in No Quarter Prime. But those stand-alone games will sometimes give way to experiences quite different from those, such as campaigns, self-contained RPG adventures, and expansion rules for WARMACHINE and HORDES. The September/October issue will include a self-contained Strangelight Workshop RPG experience based on the Strangelight Workshop organization debuting in the upcoming Wicked Ways anthology this month. And in November, we’ll bring you the newly revised rules for UNBOUND, so you can wage your WARMACHINE and HORDES battles on a massive scale!

No Quarter Prime will be the most comprehensive source for WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Privateer Press information—consolidated, concentrated, and super-charged. You won’t want to miss a single issue! And we want to make sure that doesn’t happen, so we’ve got a special offer for you. If you subscribe (or renew your existing subscription) now, we’ll give you the last issue of the classic No Quarter free, PLUS the first six issues (one year) of the new No Quarter Prime! That’s seven issues for the price of a normal one-year subscription. This is a limited time offer, so subscribe to No Quarter Prime now!