Insider 6-15-2011

We’ve begun to preview the new Monsterpocalypse quantum forms debuting at Gen Con 2011, and folks have started to really dig into the tactical options these new monster forms provide. I’ve decided to use today’s blog to get in on the action and put my own two cents in on the previewed monster forms.

The defining characteristics of quantum forms versus ultra or mega forms are that they typically have much lower hyper costs and they gain stat bonuses when they have more than five power dice. Both of these characteristics tie directly to the Monsterpocalypse game mechanics of powering up to hyper form and reverting to alpha form. This can also make the tactic of “flexing,” powering up and reverting to alpha in the same turn, a very attractive option for some quantum forms.


The most recent quantum preview, Quantum Cthugrosh, is the most flexing-friendly hyper form in the game. As the only monster form with a hyper stat of 1, it’s exceptionally easy to gain the resources needed to power up into Cthugrosh’s quantum very early in the game. In that form, Cthugrosh gains the ability to convert an enemy unit into a tentacled fiend with his blast attack and then make another attack (potentially converting yet another enemy unit). He can then drop right back into his alpha form in order to take advantage of one of the various actions available to Alpha Cthugrosh: Sacrifice, Summon, or Telekinesis.

This is not to say that flexing is the only option, however. Against enemy forces filled with brawl units, Quantum Cthugrosh’s Terrify can keep him relatively safe from enemy unit attacks, and his blue Reach ability gives his entire force extra-long tentacles for their own brawl attacks. Quantum Cthugrosh also has a ton of quantum stats, giving him a 1-point buff to his attack stats, boost dice, range, and even making him more survivable by boosting his defense. The total package is a monster with a broad range of tactical decisions when it comes to form selection and P-Die usage.


Deimos-9 has always been a monster with a steeper learning curve than others. With blast attack support but limited blast capabilities of his own, he’s certainly more of a finesse weapon than a blunt instrument of destruction. Quantum Deimos-9 maintains quite a bit of finesse but also gives his own blast attack capabilities room to shine once he has more than five P-Dice. The quantum boost dice on his blast attack and quantum range mean that he gets as many B-Dice as Ultra Sky Sentinel or Rogzor but with even greater range.

Quantum Deimos-9 is also deceptively maneuverable. Without engaging the power of his quantum speed stat, he can advance 4, Sprint 3, blast Hit & Run 3, and brawl Hit & Run 3 for a total of 13 spaces. With the quantum speed enhancement, that advance becomes 7 instead, giving him unprecedented movement capabilities that allow him to get into perfect position for a big Toss brawl attack or to retreat to safety afterwards.


Zor-Magna is the only new quantum form previewed so far who has the Temporally Displaced ability. This ability debuted on the original quantum form (Quantum King Kondo), and it creates another layer of interaction with the alpha form/hyper form mechanic. When a monster form with Temporally Displaced stays in that form at the end of a round, during subsequent rounds it loses one P-Die but gains Super Damage on all attacks for the turn.

Super Damage on long-range blast attacks is awfully attractive, even at the cost of 1 P-Die. Thanks to her Multi-shot ability, Quantum Zor-Magna can blast an enemy monster for two points of damage and then pick up a couple of fresh P-Dice from destroying a couple of units. Between Fission and Energy Cycle, Zor-Magna can also take back-to-back monster turns like few other monsters in the game. To top it all off, her quantum stats are Defense, Blast, and Blast Boost, making her even more incredible at blasting her foes and living to do so again and again when there are more than 5 P-Dice in her power pool.

I’m really looking forward to Gen Con when players can get their hands on these shiny new monster forms to start throwing down with these new incarnations of old favorites.

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