Insider 6-13-2011

With another Impossible Dream Challenge out of the way, it’s time to figure out what the next painting project should be. The 50-point Tier 4 Vyros list is finally painted, and I’m putting the final touches on some other models. HORDES: Domination has me turning my eye toward reworking my Trollbloods and adding detail to the 100-point Circle army.
But rather than talk about my painting projects, there are a few things coming up that should be of interest to our community.

For starters, New Orleans-based player and speed-painting machine Strange_Eric on the forums has come up with an idea to raise funds for a local charity. He’s participated in a number of painting challenges and has been known to crank out 50-75 points worth of models in a weekend. So it came as no surprise to me when he proposed to paint 100 points in a day for charity.

Eric painted up 150 points of Legion of Everblight models in three weeks and I am confident he’ll be able to blast through 100 points in a single day. He’s set August 6th as the date he’ll put brush to pewter, and I’ll make sure to update with information on how to help and where to watch the insanity live on the internet.

In September, PG_Neomorte out of St. Louis will be running his second-annual autism awareness event. Proceeds from the tournament will go toward the “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” annual event in St. Louis, and the Game St. Louis team is looking for supporters. Neomorte is organizing a silent auction for the event, which means I need to get started painting my donation!

October is national breast cancer awareness month, which means you’ve got just about four months to get those armies ready for your local Breast Cancer Brawl events. PG_Wold out of Pennsylvania is working out the fine details on the website. My plan is to bring my Angry Elves to Boise again in October. If your store isn’t planning a BCB event this year, now is the perfect time to plan one. Contact your local Press Gang volunteer or organize one yourself. ;)

Last but not least, November-December is FoodMachine season. While food banks need donations year-round, these events are historically held during the holiday season. PG_Dr_Norbert of the NJ SOBs spearheaded the 2010 FoodMachine efforts, taking over for the St. Louis River Dogs. In addition to organizing this web site , Dr_Norbert also coordinated the “Orange Crush” painting challenge. Participants from 2010 can be seen here . Again, if your store hasn’t planned a FoodMachine event, now is the perfect time to get the ball rolling – either on your own or with the assistance of your local PG.

I realize there are a lot of charity events coming up and it might not be possible to participate in all of them. However, I am extremely proud of our volunteers and player community for making the time to organize and participate in these events. Donate like you’ve got a pair!