Insider 6-10-2011

Today, I want to share with you a unique experience in which I recently had the privilege of participating. I played my very first Battle Report for No Quarter Magazine! When I first started playing WARMACHINE seven years ago, I never imagined that one day I would be playing a game against one of the developers of WARMACHINE. The whole experience was surreal, and honestly, a total blast!

The task of writing a Battle Report began like many things do in my office, with William Shick running in and yelling, “Hungerford! Battle Report for No Quarter #37! Aeryn has details! Failure is not an option.” Afterwards, I walked over to Aeryn’s office, a sparkle in my eyes, painfully curious as to who I would be facing off against. Aeryn gave me the news like he was telling me a relative had passed. “DC”, he said, and then he wouldn’t look me in the eyes again.

David Carl. I had heard rumors about DC and his skill at WARMACHINE. I was finally going to get to put these skills to the test. I decided to play the faction that originally brought me into WARMACHINE, the Protectorate of Menoth. I was given a few days before the battle went down to make a list, days that were spent calculating a list I felt would give DC a run for his money.

When the battle finally went down, it was fast and furious. DC and I went back and forth, tearing apart each other’s forces. The terrain table we played on was an absolute beauty, and I have to give major props to Rob Hawkins for crafting it. The models looked gorgeous as always, and it was a real treat to play with such awesomely painted figures.

In the end. . .well, you’ll see. All the guts and glory will be on display in No Quarter #37. I will say this much about our battle though: Cephalyx are cool.