Insider 6-10-13

At Lock & Load GameFest 2013, Matt Dipietro, Ron Kruzie, and I served as judges for the Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition. This was the first year all three of us judged together, and it was a fun experience. You know the judges are having a good time when they’re making sound effects and playing with the model entries!

We had some tough decisions to make—every category had several top-notch entries—but after a lot of consideration we finally agreed on which models were the best.

Thagrosh, the Messiah, painted by Randy Miller, won the Grandmaster award as well as Best Single Miniature. Randy really conveys the idea of a frozen tundra landscape with a muted color palette and icicles on a custom scenic rock base. The technical aspects of Randy’s work are extraordinary, and we were all very impressed with this model.

Arthur Nicholson’s Skorne battlegroup took home the Best Group award. Arthur's use of the studio color scheme and non-metallic metal techniques really impressed us!

The Kraken, painted by Todd McNeal, won the Best Large Miniature category. Complete with victims eviscerated on its base, this Kraken is ready for some intense battle action!

You can see these and many other fantastic entries in No Quarter #50, available this September. We look forward to having even more participants next year!