Insider 5/19/2010 - Chris Walton

Continuing the Farrow theme from my last blog, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at one of the newest additions to the list of HORDES warlocks: Lord Carver, BMMD (Bringer of Most Massive Destruction), Esquire, the Third.  As the first fully-fledged Warlock for the Farrow (sorry Rorsh), there was a need to create a character with a lot of presence and charisma. From the earliest stages of developing Lord Carver there was a clear idea of the type of model we wanted out of him.  

When starting to concept a new Warlock, I try to talk with Matt Wilson and Jason Soles as much as possible. Getting a clear idea of a character’s personality and ambitions helps me to explore the visual development of a new model in an appropriate way. Warlocks and Warcasters are more than just their statistics – they are unique individuals with their own goals, secrets and stories. I strive to keep that in mind as I draw each new addition to our cast of characters.  Lord Carver was described to me as a cruel, evil taskmaster, willing to sacrifice any of his herd to serve his own agenda. Deep in his heart, he wishes only to bring destruction to the world and carve out his own empire. It was from here that my drawing began. 

Lord Carver is a farrow with ambition and the ruthlessness to accomplish his goals. When designing this guy, I looked at a lot of classic fantasy art. I wanted to capture that “barbarian king” feel and end up with a character that looks brooding, menacing, and willing to crush anyone who gets in his way. After a couple of takes, this is where we ended up.  

The Farrow are looking to make a splash in a big way, and we have a lot more in store for them. When all is said and done, only the foolish will consider them brigands and outlaws.