Insider 5/17/2010 - Kris Aubin

When I first started at Privateer I decided to start a new army and jump
feet first into a fresh miniatures project. After some deep soul searching I decided that the Skorne would be my grand new army.
The Skorne possessed a rich visual and cultural aesthetic that defined
their race and character that really stood out to me. The massive warbeasts, legions of exotic troops, and the vile hearted warlocks looked like nothing else I had seen before, and it wasn’t long until I had amassed a literal legion of Skorne miniatures.

While I have taken a break from the Skorne to try my hand at a few other
modeling projects since assembling my first warpack, I always find myself coming back to my beloved Skorne army.

With that, I am please to unveil the new Forces of Hordes: Skorne
cover art by Andrea Uderzo.

This piece has inspired me to return to my Skorne army and to get
painting once again.


Kris Aubin