Insider 5-7-2012

For this week’s blog, I thought I’d do another design walkthrough and show you how we bodged together the Heap logo.

First, I did several sketches for Heap’s logo, trying out different ways to represent the game. Some sketches were done like road signs, others had the letters formed out of bits of scrap. The one we ended up going with was a mix of these, with sign and junk aspects tied together like a piece of haphazardly built machinery.

From the sketch we then made a handful of improvements. More junk was added to make it look like a literal heap. A few of the existing parts, like the wheel, were moved or flipped around to make it look less like a vehicle and more like a heap of junk that’s been cobbled together.

For the colors, I did very rough, simple coloring first to see which colors would work and which wouldn't. I normally lay out the file in this stage so individual colors and assets are still very easy to change and revise on the fly. Red worked really well for the letters. The secondary color became a desaturated green, both to complement the red and to tie in to the road-sign motif used in the cards.

Once we decided on the colors, I started refining details, adding shading, and making the logo look more polished. Working on the Heap logo was a lot of fun. It was an interesting challenge, as it was a lot more whimsical than WARMACHINE and HORDES.

Get ready for pedal to the metal mayhem! Heap hits store shelves this summer.