Insider 5-4-2012

Here’s the progress so far on my organic sculpting project. I haven't spent much time working on this since it's a side project; my current studio project is the priority right now.

It's coming along well; the boots and pants are done, and the tunic has been "roughed out." I'll probably put more detail on the boots; they look a bit plain. Maybe some straps and buckles on the side with a steel toe or shin armor.

I realized it's more difficult sculpting this model simply because I am not working from concept art. I'm making it up as I go, so it's hard to plan out what needs to be sculpted first and how to sculpt it. I was thinking about asking Privateer Press art director Chris Walton if he could knock out some quick concepts for me, but then I thought it's just as hard to concept models as it is to sculpt, and he has enough projects on his desk! I do have some historical references since Khador troops have a Russian Cossack look to them, so that's what I am using right now.

The further along I get, the better idea I'll have on what details to add. Right now, just getting the basic surfaces sculpted is what's important.

Looking at him from the side, I think I'll have to thicken him up a bit at the waist, probably with a quiver or a backpack of some sort. His right arm will have to come off at some point so I can sculpt the detail around his neck and upper body.

I'm still looking for references on what I want his bow to look like. Cossack bows were very short and usually used from horseback, but I don't think a shortbow will look right on this model; the bow should be bigger.

So far, he's looking pretty nice.