Insider 5-4-2011

Simon Berman – Circle

It's the end of the first week, and I'm feeling pretty good about my progress. I partially chose my challenge list with an eye toward models I wanted to paint and those I felt I could paint quickly. The preponderance of wolds and wold-related models like the Stoneward and Woldstalkers were a direct result of those choices. I really love the look of the Circle's constructs, and I had an idea on how to paint them quickly.

I chose one of my two Woldwyrds to paint up as a proof of concept. After priming it gray (along with the rest of the army), I basecoated the stone areas Greatcoat Grey and the wood in Battlefield Brown. Next, I gave the sticks a quick drybrush of Beast Hide and then picked out the ropes with Rucksack Tan. Returning to the stone, I drybrushed with Ironhull Grey and then gave the whole model a wash made from a mixture of P3 black and brown inks. Once the inks had dried, I used the method described on page 101 of Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros to paint the glowing green parts of the stone. I then applied a final wash of yellow ink to the main orb in an effort to get a glossy look. Finally, I gave the stone portions a light drybrushing of Trollblood Highlight and called it a day. The whole model took me about two hours. I'm very satisfied with the look, and it seems like I'll be able to apply my method to an assembly line of wolds and constructs!

Next up were my Shifting Stones, a Woldwatcher, and two Woldwardens. All told, these models took me about six hours to paint over the course of a couple of nights. To differentiate between the two units of Shifting Stones, I picked out their fungus details in somewhat muted orange and yellow. I'll keep these colors later on when I get to my Tharn. That should help differentiate between those units and maintain a consistent look across the whole army.

Definitely satisfied about this week's progress, which is good because my girlfriend returns from ten days in Hong Kong soon and my painting time is going to evaporate after next week!

Nick Scherdnik – Trolls

One week in and I definitely feel behind already. I'm telling myself that's ok because I don't want to compromise on a few things. I want my models to be well built. The last thing I want to do after painting is look at my models during a game and kick myself for cutting corners, not filling gaps with putty, or having an arm or weapon fall off the first time a model falls over because I didn't pin something. So this has been a week of quality time with my pin vice and putty. I always enjoyed the challenge in science class of designing a way to protect a dropped egg from breaking, and somewhere in my mind I want to test my pinning job to see how high I could drop my Dire Troll Mauler before he breaks.

The good news here is that I did get everything built to the standard I wanted.

One batch has been primed similar to the technique described by studio painter Matt DiPietro in NQ 34 in his article on underpainting. I'm hoping I can use the translucency of the thinned paint to allow a majority of the shading and highlighting to show through from the black and white primers underneath. Then I can do the final highlights and shading, adjusting as I see fit. I did paint a basecoat color or two on my Earthborn Dire Troll with paint that was not thinned enough and that had the disastrous effect of completely covering up the underpainting. The next attempts on my Impalers and my first three Fennblades were a little better at keeping the paints thinned.

It's a bit of a fight to change to a new technique, but with baby steps, I'll get there. Thanks Dr. Marvin!

Johan Cea – Skorne

Good news! I have put together about 40 points worth of models. The bad news: I still have to paint 92 points of models. That leaves me with 52 points of stuff to put together. The Immortals I have painted don't look too bad, but I feel I could have done far better. My goal is to make them look like wooden statues. I really wanted to do better on them, but I'm very new to painting. To make matters worse, art is one of the many things that I'm not quite skilled at. I may not be good, but at the very least I am making an honest effort. Hopefully towards the end of this challenge, you'll see me go from bad to a little better than bad. YOU BE THE JUDGE!