Insider 5-28-2014

This month, Skull Island eXpeditions celebrates two things: its first full year of operation and its first Hugo Award nomination. Those are two pretty momentous events, and we decided to celebrate them together by offering the Hugo-nominated The Butcher of Khardov for just $0.99 during the month of May. That means there are just a few days left to get the exciting novella written by the talented Dan Wells at this special price.

In addition to this news of sales, anniversaries, and Hugo nominations, what I really wanted to talk to you about is a couple of new books headed your way in the near future.

The first is the next installment of the Warcaster Chronicles, Blood & Iron, which takes you to the high seas of western Immoren along with renegade and pirate warcaster Captain Phinneus Shae. Those of you who have been following Shae’s saga from the original Forces of WARMACHINE: Pirates of the Broken Coast and from the “Shae Munity” story published in No Quarter will find Blood & Iron a thrilling continuation to the saga of the Talion and her crew. If you’re new to Shae and company, never fear—the book does a fine job of filling you in on the necessary details.

Blood & Iron is written by the incredibly talented Chris A. Jackson, an honest-to-god sailor who spends his life cruising the seven seas aboard his sailboat. The fact that Chris put all that nautical know-how to excellent use in the rousing adventure he’s penned for Skull Island eXpeditions is the cherry on top of this piratical sundae.

You can step aboard the Talion once more on June 27th, when Blood & Iron releases to the world.

A little further down the road is another Skull Island eXpeditions release that kicks off an entire new series. Called Murder in Corvis, it will be the first book to detail the exploits of the iconic group of adventurers known as the Black River Irregulars. Those of you familiar with the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game and the Fools Rush In adventure will certainly recognize this cast of characters. Murder in Corvis brings together for the first time the trollkin bounty hunter Gardek Stonebrow, the enterprising mechanik and soldier Colbie Sterling, the investigator and arcanist Eilish Garrity, and the skulking alchemist and thief Milo Boggs.

Written by accomplished fantasy author Richard Lee Byers, Murder in Corvis pits our heroes against a sinister series of murders in the sprawling undercity of Corvis. Like any good group of adventurers, the foursome must work together, overcome their sometimes substantial differences, and avoid gruesome deaths to win the day. It’s a dark, skulking murder mystery with a surprising twist, and we think you’ll get a kick—and a chill—out of it.

Look for Murder in Corvis later this fall.

That’s it from the island this time. I’ll be back to fill you in on more exciting Iron Kingdoms fiction (and maybe something more) in the very near future.