Insider 5-25-2012

Wow! Lock & Load GameFest 2012 is only a week away! Needless to say, Privateer Press HQ is busy preparing for the single largest convergence of Privateer Press fans ever. Everyone here works very hard to make Lock & Load a success, and the show’s growth from last year is a testament to that work paying off.

I would like to take this opportunity to call out a department that doesn’t get much recognition when it comes to shows, whether it be Lock & Load or any other convention we attend. That would be the production department. Without them packing product and getting it ready to sell, the conventions wouldn’t be nearly as awesome for our attendees. The most difficult thing for them is the pre-releases. Something that may take a month to properly produce on a normal schedule we ask them to produce in a week (sometimes days) just so we can have it ready to sell at a show.

Lock & Load was no different this year. Production has worked tirelessly to bring you a tremendous amount of pre-releases goodies to buy at the show. Nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to pre-releases, so I can’t say for sure what will be there, but I can offer up a couple hints. There will be a selection of BIG releases for some of the main WARMACHINE factions, a book with BIG illustrations and some BIG new rules, and an Extremely dangerous warbeast.

So thanks to the production staff for all thier efforts. Oh, and be careful at Lock & Load this year. You might find this guy sitting across the table from you…