Insider 5-25-2011

Simon - Today we return to the HORDES Impossible Dream Challenge to check in with our other three challengers!

Nate Scott – Legion

Well, it's the end of week three, and I can safely say that there is no way in the world I can finish before the deadline. As week four begins I have a paltry nineteen of fifty-nine total models painted, eighteen of which have yet to be cleaned and assembled: shocking, I know. I went into this challenge with every intention of finishing, no matter the cost. Unfortunately, life decided that painting was stupid and that it hated my hobby to boot. So, even though I am officially throwing in the towel on the challenge, I will still be painting my chosen list. I may or may not have some cool new photos for you in week four—possibly an Epic Lylyth with some quality time spent on her—but as far as entire units go, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Matthew Warren – Trolls

As some would say, it's the final countdown. With only a few more days to put the finishing touches on my models, I'm feeling good about my progress and confident that I will be able to display my force proudly for all to see.

The speed painting method I used for my large beasts consisted of more drybrushing than others would prefer. With that method, however, a lot of problems occurred with the stones on the backs of the Dire Trolls. Examples of this method would be Mulg and the Earthborn Dire Troll. With the large recesses between each stone, it was difficult to get the bristles down that deep while maintaining a fast speed. To counter this problem, I experimented with the basing material I had on hand and decided to use it for a mossy effect. The pictures below show the basic process (Although it's not a complicated procedure), which gives the model a feeling of depth and detail.

The earthen paint scheme is pulling together really well, and I'm looking forward to future experimentation with this force. I'm thinking about different blood colors, lighter or darker skinned versions, or even attempting separate climate type trolls. Options abound with miniatures; one of the great things that draws me to WARMACHINE and HORDES.

Jen Ikuta – Circle

Are we there yet? Is there even a glimmer of hope that I've got more than half of these thirty-three models on my list finished by the end of Week three of the HORDES Impossible Dream Challenge?

No. Not quite.

When I last left you, there was the (insane) suggestion that I might add freehand to the capes of my Reeve Hunter and the full unit of Reeve of Orboros. But with the deadline looming like an angry charging Rhinodon, that's just not going to happen. The goal, at this point, is paint it and make it done.

When your fellow painters start dropping like flies, you can either quit like they did or strengthen your resolve and forge (however foolishly) ahead. The Impossible Dream Challenge is about painting like you've got a pair and ending up with 100 points of models that aren't bare metal or just covered in primer! It's a badge of honor, it's bragging rights, it's a chance to deprive yourself of sleep, sanity, and a social life! It's another opportunity to mock PPS_Adam about not finishing the first Impossible Dream Challenge!

So what has paint on it? In addition to the beasts I showed off earlier a few weeks ago, the Reeves and Reeve Hunter are very close to being done. The Gnarlhorn has paint on it, too. I've got a handful of models that are still just primer, but I expect them to be done by the deadline.

That's assuming I don't get the urge to finish my Dawnguard Destors or the two Destor Thanes that ended up getting inked and basecoated. Distractions, I haz them!

Simon – There's just one week left in the Challenge. Be sure to come back next week to witness the glory of victors and the lamentations of the failures!