Insider 5-24-2011

Simon – Today we return to the HORDES Impossible Dream Challenge to check in with three of our challengers at the end of their third week of painting!

Simon Berman – Circle

We are definitely getting down to the wire, and I definitely did not paint as much as I had hoped. At the end of the week, I've only completed Megalith, five Woldstalkers, two Feralgeists, and the Tharn Ravager Whitemane. Too many distractions this week, but all is not lost!

With the completion of Megalith and the Woldstalkers, I'm done with the "sticks and stones" portion of the army. I think my plan worked out pretty well, and the constructs painted up as fast as I expected. I was feeling a little daunted looking over at the rest of the army, all twenty-six unpainted models. As a bit of a confidence booster, I decided to power through the two Feralgeists immediately after finishing the Woldstalkers. These two models painted up very quickly. I based them in Wurm Green, applied a quick highlight of Wurm Green and Yellow Ink, and then applied a final highlight, almost a drybrush, of Wurm Green, Yellow Ink, and Menoth White. Then it was just a matter of painting the base Battlefield Brown, the skeletal remains in 'Jack Bone and giving that part a quick wash in a mix of Beast Hide and Red Ink to make it look like a nice, fresh carcass! The Feralgeists are not really optimal inclusions in my list due to the lack of living warbeasts, but I really love the figures, and they fit my theme (and color scheme). When I expand this army to 150 points, I'll likely add a few living critters, but for now, they may be useful to steal some animi from my opponent's dead beasts.

The next evening I returned to my unpainted figures and stared balefully at all thirteen Tharn. They glared back at me, whispering that I should just give up and go read or perhaps leave my apartment. Thankfully, this psychotic episode was short lived, and I stopped listening to the voices in my head, picked up the White Mane, and set to work. Just like I used the Woldwyrd to test my paint scheme on the wolds, the White Mane was my test-piece for the Tharn. I messed around with skin tones for a little while before settling on a base of Beast Hide mixed with Ryn Flesh and a touch of Skorne Red. Once this had dried. I applied a wash of Brown Ink and Mixing Medium and finished the skin portions with a mixture similar to the base but with a greater amount of Ryn Flesh. It was then a simple matter of painting his leather clothing in Skorne Red and picking out various details in other earth tones, or where appropriate, Pig Iron. I gave the whole model a wash of Brown Ink and Mixing Medium, picked out a few more details, and called it a day. I was reasonably satisfied with the look of the White Mane and more importantly, satisfied that I could apply this approach to four or more Ravagers at a time.

The next evening I grabbed my minimum unit of Tharn and painted them up in about three hours, following the plan I had laid out above. I chose to paint their cloaks and skirts in a base of Ember Orange with a highlight of Heartfire. I definitely ignored some of the details on these Tharn, but they're in good enough shape for me to put down on the game table without being ashamed. I took the last night of this third week to start basecoating four more Tharn, this time using Moldy Ochre as the base for their cloaks. These muted yellow and autumnal orange colors should help tie in the Tharn with some of the detailing on my Shifting Stones and Sentry and Mannikins.

One week left, and man, do I have my work cut out for me. I'll have to knuckle down and finish a full unit of Ravagers plus both unit attachments, a unit of Druids, two Stonekeepers, the Stonewarden, the Lord of the Feast, and both my warlocks.


Nick Scherdnik – Trolls

Well, we all have things come up and take up the time we had thought we had for other things. This week, I did a lot of hoping to paint. I even packed it all with me as we went out of town, with the intentions of making some time to get work done. However, all the organizing and carrying of my gear just ended up being a fieldtrip for my paints and brushes. To my shame, nothing got done. With one week to go, I'm admitting that finishing 100 points is not an option. But I am planning to do as much damage as possible and put a dent into getting this army painted in the last week. This weekend, I am going to be shackled to my painting desk, and I have been making preparations to help me make it through alive. Comedy and gaming podcasts are ready to go along with an audio book of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. My favorite inspirational movies are also queued up. So, in this last week, I may not finish what I started out to accomplish in week one in the time that was scheduled. However, I am going to be closer than when I started and have progress to share.

Johan Cea – Skorne

There is one thing I wanted to do about two blogs ago...GIVE UP! Guess what I should have done? Anyway, I haven't made much progress. In my last blog, I promised I'd have some titans painted! All I have to show is one Titan Gladiator very poorly painted and a Rhinodon that shares the same paint job as the Gladiator. I have one week left in this challenge. I can easily tell anyone that this isn't going well. Actually, change that. I know I won't paint up 100 points worth of models. I'm going to go out swinging, though. Hopefully, I'll be able to paint a good amount of infantry up or something.

Simon – Tomorrow we'll check in with Nate, Matt, and Jen to see how they're doing at the end of the Challenge's third week!