Insider 5-23-2012

In only a couple of months, WARMACHINE: Colossals will be unleashed upon the world! To celebrate the release of this awesome new addition to the WARMACHINE arsenal, we’ve created a special piece of organized play for everyone to enjoy.

The Colossals Book Release Event kit goes on sale to retailers in June and can be run anytime after the book has been released. Trust me; you’re going to want to participate in this event. Let me give you a few reasons why:

  1. This single day open-play event is a great time for hobbyists and players of all skill levels. I can’t wait to see what the talented terrain-makers out there come up with for their unique “Sanctuary.” For the hardcore players, get ready for the “Hour of Annihilation” scenario that is going to completely change your tactics.
  2. Free-for-all madness! While you can definitely enjoy this event via the normal one-on-one style of play, this event also encourages you to engage in a little chaos with a 4-player FFA throwdown.
  3. The prize kit is just rad. With an overall champion coin, and six WARMACHINE faction coins, there are plenty of cool prizes to strive for.

I hope everyone has a blast playing this event, and I look forward to seeing photos and hearing epic tales of the battles that go down at stores worldwide.