Insider 5-22-13

It’s been great to see all the excitement over the Convergence of Cyriss. I’m thrilled to see so many folks sporting Cyrissist avatars and signatures not only on the Privateer Press forums but on other forums as well. I, too, chose to join the action, and I am now proudly flying the flag of the Maiden of Gears.

Today it is my duty and privilege to tell you all about the Convergence colossal, the Prime Axiom. Prime Axioms are truly awe-inspiring machines that dwarf other vectors. Not only are these clockwork giants festooned with weapons, their frames are also covered with servitor launch ports.

We deliberated some on how the Prime Axiom’s signature ability, Launch Servitor, would work. It could have been a special action, or it could have had a limited number of uses or limited servitor types. It might have restricted servitors from activating the turn they come into play. The finalized Launch Servitor rule, however, is both simpler and more impressive than it would have been with any of those options: Once per turn during this model’s activation, you can place one servitor solo into play within 2˝ of this model.

The ability to launch a ready-to-activate servitor solo of any type, either before or after a Prime Axiom’s movement, is a very versatile tool. Considering the 2˝ placement area, the colossal’s base size, and the distance a Prime Axiom can cover (factoring in effects like Beacon and Magnetic Hold), the overall board area within which a servitor can be placed is truly enormous. Oh, yeah, and then the servitor activates, moving another 6˝ before launching a lumichem ampule, fixing a crippled vector system, careening explosively into enemy troopers, or firing its spike ejector. Even when none of these options are particularly urgent, you can always use one more servitor solo to support your army or to get in the way of forces seeking your destruction.

Launch Servitor is my favorite ability of the Prime Axiom, but this vector is a brutal combat machine as well. Like the Kraken and Galleon before it, the Prime Axiom is not restricted to using only melee attacks or ranged attacks during a single activation. Thanks to the tow cables’ Drag ability, Prime Axioms can reel in their target (or even two targets!) before rendering them into scrap with their powerful drill vices.

Against all but an immovable target (like another colossal, for example) it’s often the superior choice to fire off three to six accelespiker attacks and a tow cable or two rather than charging into the middle of combat. Drag allows a free drill vice attack and still allows you to purchase additional melee attacks with focus. Just don’t forget to launch a servitor amidst the sound of spike impacts, impaled enemies being hauled across the battlefield, and drill vices boring through the Prime Axiom’s victims.

I think I can get away with spoiling just a little bit more about the Prime Axiom, so I’ll share the DEF and ARM stats. At DEF 7, a Prime Axiom is even easier to hit than most colossals out there—but at ARM 20 and with a double damage grid, it can really take a beating before crumbling into ruin. With liberal usage of Bodge and Repair, there’s no reason not to get many turns of carnage out of your Prime Axiom game after game.

Primed for Convergence,