Insider 5-20-2011

Previously, the astonishing Jason Martin gave everyone a sneak peek at the new Lock & Load exclusive t-shirt. Today, I’m going to unveil our new WARMACHINE and HORDES shirts, but you might want to sit down first.

Let me start with a little bit of backstory. One day, while I was sitting in my office working away on some cool super-secret projects for our players, Will Shick burst through my door. He had this gleam in his eyes that I originally attributed to too much coffee. Then he yelled, “Hungerford! New Shirts! Make ‘em cooler than any shirt we’ve ever done before!” and back-flipped out of my office.*

Getting these shirts designed has been a lot of fun, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with some very talented people to craft something truly unique for our players.
Now that you know how all this started, I’d like to present to you our new WARMACHINE and HORDES shirts!

These bad boys will be available for purchase at Gen Con Indy 2011. Afterwards, those of you who can’t attend Gen Con will be able to purchase these shirts through our webstore. These are easily the highest quality shirts we’ve ever produced, from the actual fabrics to the unique designs. I hope to see all our fans sporting these on the street in the future.

*This paragraph is based on actual real life events. Dramatic license has been used to its full effect for the enjoyment of the reader.