Insider 5-17-2011

Simon – Today we return to the HORDES Impossible Dream Challenge to check in with our first three challengers at the end of their second week of painting!

Simon Berman – Circle

This past week did not see quite the burst of productivity for which I was hoping! Knowing that my girlfriend would return from a work trip to Hong Kong on Thursday, I had planned to cram in three serious nights of painting to finish up all my sticks and stones. Sadly, a miserable head cold and—let's be honest—some inexcusable laziness meant I only got one real evening of work accomplished.

Even so, it wasn't a total wash. I managed to complete my second Woldwyrd, the Sentry Stone, and three Mannikins. I also basecoated my two remaining Woldwardens. I'm running out of wold-things to paint, with only the two unfinished Woldwardens, Megalith, and five Woldstalkers remaining. This means that I must soon begin thinking seriously about my horde of Tharn. I'm sure that this is going to be the hardest part of the challenge, and if I falter, it's going to be amid all those medium-based models. Still, with the completion of this week's models, I can say I've made some real progress on the whole. I've painted fifteen of fifty models to completion; not the best rate, but thinking positively, I can say I now only have thirty-five more to go!


Nick Scherdnik – Trolls

Making progress through baby steps is a good idea in theory, as long as those steps are going forward. I seem to have stumbled a few steps in the wrong direction. I went into this weekend thinking it would be the greatest two days of painting in my life. It was time to step up, put the hammer down, make the rubber meet the road, tame the wild llama (I'm pretty sure that's an expression), and see how much I could get done. Then Saturday came and went, and I painted for barely an hour. I'm still figuring out where Saturday went, but Sunday was better. I woke up ready to force myself to attempt my speed-painting technique, but that would have been baby steps forward! Instead, I reverted back to my normal way of painting. Reworking areas, going back for the extra highlight or shade in areas that I wasn't quite happy with, and generally not progressing how I wanted.

It's a start I suppose, but I'm attempting to speed up. Still, I have to walk the line of getting results I'm really happy with while somehow getting my army on the table. I'm really going to force myself to focus on learning the methods that allow me to speed up the process. The last thing I'm slowly realizing is it's ok to say, "That's good enough," and move onto the next model. There are always more tiny jobs to touch up, or more details to add, and it's easy to get lost in that. To be honest, you start to get diminishing returns for the time put in or even start to ruin some of the good work done earlier. I could learn more and get more practice through repetition by just moving on and starting the next model in the army.

Johan Cea – Skorne

This week was super-constructive! I just primed a few models! YAHOOOO! Okay, time to tell you what makes this painting challenge a real challenge. I'm currently training to run an obstacle course this summer. It's a run where you do all sorts of awesome things, and well, its taking up most of my time. I'm not terribly out of shape, but there is a lot of work to do in order to obtain an 8-minute mile sustained for the length I need it for. Anyway, enough about fitness goals, we are here about miniature metal figurines that let us pretend to be generals. My plan for the upcoming week is very simple: paint at least three titans!

Simon – Tomorrow we'll check in with Nate, Matt, and Jen to see how they're doing at the end of the Challenge's second week!