Insider 5-16-2011

Those of you who attended AdeptiCon may have noticed an unusual issue of No Quarter Magazine floating around the convention hall. This pint-sized version of the magazine sported an unbelievably awesome cover by Andrea Uderzo depicting Sorscha battling a rampaging dire troll mauler. Reports of this mysterious No Quarter prompted a lot of questions from curious fans: Where did this miniature issue come from? What is inside it? And most importantly, how the hell do I get one?

Fear not. I am here to give you the skinny on No Quarter Magazine Promotional Issue #1!

Question 1: Where did the mysterious mini-issue issue come from?

No Quarter Promotional Issue #1 debuted at AdeptiCon and was included in gift bags for preregistered attendees (along with a WARMACHINE battlegroup starter box!).

Question 2: What is inside the No Quarter promotional issue?

The mini-issue contains the same content you’d find in any issue of No Quarter. Classic articles such as Guts & Gears, Modeling & Painting, and the Battle Report are all present—just at around half the size. The majority of the material included is geared specifically toward those new to No Quarter and Privateer Press in general, making it a great introduction to WARMACHINE, HORDES, Formula P3, and all the other great products offered by Privateer Press.

Question 3: How the hell can I get one?

Although this No Quarter promotional issue was debuted at AdeptiCon, it isn’t exclusive to that convention. You’ll likely find it at any conventions attended by Privateer Press staff—and maybe a few other events as well. In addition, your local game store might have a few copies to give away in the near future. Finally, you can expect to see the promotional issue inside products geared toward new WARMACHINE and HORDES players, like battlegroup box sets, later in the year.