Insider 5-15-13

Today, it is my privilege to talk about the warcaster who is perhaps the most important and influential character within the Convergence of Cyriss: Father Lucant, Divinity Architect.

To those who played through the Witchfire Trilogy, Father Lucant is a familiar, if enigmatic figure. Befitting his revered status within Iron Kingdoms history, as well as Cult of Cyriss history, Father Lucant was a central pillar during the entire development of the Convergence of Cyriss.

The design brief for Father Lucant really sums up his importance within the Convergence:

Father Lucant has served Cyriss for over two hundred and fifty years. He stands as a prophet and bastion of the spiritual truths the Convergence holds as incontrovertible. It was Lucant who initiated the Great Work and now marches to battle to ensure its completion.

Visually we wanted to make sure that Father Lucant represented an evolution of his original form within the Witchfire rather than a complete redesign. However, Lucant has had several years to improve upon his clockwork vessel since the events in that adventure. As such, Lucant now marries elements of his original appearance with the aesthetics common to the Convergence of Cyriss.

On the tabletop, Lucant represents inexorable force and clinical precision. As the spiritual bastion of the Convergence, he seeks to preserve the soldiers under his command, utilizing his troops’ superior resilience to wear down his foes.

His feat Clockwork Reinforcement is the first thing that jumps out when considering his unique playstyle. Granting friendly Faction models within his control area +4 ARM and allowing Repair skill checks to automatically succeed, Clockwork Reinforcement let’s Lucant’s army shrug off all but the most devastating assault. Combine his feat with Field Marshal [Shield Guard] and Lucant can use his battlegroup to protect key pieces in his army with little threat to his vectors’ overall performance.

Father Lucant’s spell list does even more to emphasize this patient attrition game. Purification allows him to rid his army of pesky enemy upkeep spells or continuous effects, and Deceleration gives his entire force significant protection against the ranged attacks of his opponents—especially when combined with his feat. But Lucant’s not all about defense. When the time comes to strike back Positive Charge combines with his MAT 6 to give his vectors and troops exceptional accuracy and hitting power. With FOCUS 7, Lucant is more than capable of casting the right spells while still keeping his vector’s fueled with focus.

When you add his storied history to the fearsome and versatile tabletop abilities listed above, it’s quite clear that Father Lucant has rightly earned the title of Divinity Architect.