Insider 5-14-2015

As the lead developer of HORDES and WARMACHINE, my time is usually split between designing new models, drafting rules, and engaging in rigorous play testing. Once a year, though, I get to set aside my responsibilities and throw down at Lock & Load GameFest. At this year’s show, I will be hosting the second annual Unbound Exhibition, so in preparation, I have been working to expand my Protectorate cavalry force as fast as humanly possible, keenly aware that time is ticking away toward the big day.

I have played with elements of this force at conventions in the U.S., Ireland, and Finland but never in such numbers as now. In addition to adding a second Judicator to my army, I have also added new warjacks, Bastions, and a third Exemplar Venger unit. Furthering my thematic aspirations, my favored warcaster, Intercessor Kreoss, will be joined by Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages, on his battle chariot and Feora, Protector of the Flame (can we get her a horse already?).

For weeks, my desk has been covered with new models as I work through the assembly and painting process. Finally, the end is in sight. Though Reznik still needs some paint and I have a small army of choirboys, mechaniks, and vassals to work through, the Vengers and warjacks are almost done.

I had not added any models to my Protectorate army for some time, and getting ready to play Unbound has been a great excuse to get caught up on new models. I now eagerly await meeting my opposition on the field and crushing it with my superior force of arms…that is to say, to play a great game at a great show with a great opponent in the midst of a great spectacle.

Menoth pardon your wretched soul and keep a place of servitude for you in the City of Man. Praise unto Him, the Bringer of Flames and Creator of Man.