Insider 5-12-2011

On the First Friday of every month, the Privateer staff comes together for the last half of the day to play games, work on hobby projects, and chow down. (We’ve been cooking out lately since the weather is getting nicer. Yum.) First Friday is a great opportunity to enjoy the things we work hard on every day, get to know some of the new faces around the office, and Vent Steam (* Attack).

Last week, a few of us played Unbound games, and Will Shick and I decided to pull out all the stops and go with fully painted armies. We set up some pretty impressive terrain to make a town square for a scenario we were playtesting and built our armies around a couple of yet-to-be-revealed aspects of the format. To see 300 points of painted models on studio terrain was awesome. It was like being sucked right into the story of WARMACHINE.

That’s what the scenarios we’ve been testing are all about, turning a great war game into a great war story. This isn’t generic “hold the point” stuff. Unbound is recovering the relic. Unbound is storming the hill. Unbound is securing the town (or demolishing it).

It’s hard to talk about this new format without sounding like I’m towing the company line, but lately, when I play WARMACHINE, I take mine Unbound.