Insider 5-11-2012

Now that Heap has been officially announced and previewed, I’m excited to take the opportunity to talk about it in the Insider blog.

Heap is the first project I worked on at Privateer Press. In my first development meeting, it was decided the game was ready to be finished and added to the 2012 schedule. A lot of the structure of the game was already well established, but the theme hadn’t been finalized. Post-apocalyptic vehicle combat was the idea that got us most excited, and we felt the concept was well supported by the game mechanics.

After the next few playtests, we began assigning names to the cards based on what they did in the game and how those things related to the theme. We took some inspiration from the previous games in the Bodgers family, but as some of the parts in the video show, we didn’t limit ourselves once the ideas started flowing.

Each of the vehicles in Heap focuses on a few aspects of the game. For the Doombuggy, that’s fixing and breaking things. This first part is all about fixing things, so we decided it needed robot arms wielding wrenches. There were already a few racing analogies in the game, so we decided to call it the Pit Crew Suspension.

The Gremlin Sphere from Infernal Contraption is one of my favorite images in that game, so I really wanted the gremlins to make an appearance in Heap, too. A part that offered both of the Doombuggy’s specialties seemed like the perfect place for the little guys.

The third Movement part for the Doombuggy focuses entirely on the destructive side. It only triggers when you win a rush, so we decided the bodgers would build a celebratory fireworks display into the part that would also blow up everything around it.

Heap was a lot of fun to make, and I’m looking forward to showing it off at the summer conventions.