Insider 5-10-2017

Today, we’re excited to unveil a new tool that will allow our community to print the cards of their choice on whatever printers they prefer: The Privateer Press Card Database! For the last several months, a team of designers, programmers, and database engineers have been working together behind the scenes to make this dream a reality.

• To ease the community into this new system, we’re populating the card database with just the new cards from April and May (which means not every Faction has representation yet), but you can look forward to seeing the entire library of Privateer Press cards available on the database in the near future.

• To use the card database, select a Faction, the models within that Faction whose cards you’d like to print, and then hit the “PDF My Selection” button! You can also print cards from multiple Factions all onto the same PDF (you’ll notice a little number pop up next to the Faction logos to remind you that you’ve done so).

• The PDFs were designed to fit the cards on both Letter and A4 paper for our domestic and international communities, respectively!

• You can fold the cards in half as the template suggests (easy on regular paper) or cut each card face out separately and place them back-to-back in a card sleeve (ideal for card stock). Using a paper cutter (those guillotines-on-a-hinge) is recommended unless you’re amazing with scissors. Being left hand dominant, I tend to avoid them myself. Those guillotines can be super dangerous, so be careful!

• If you print at 100% scaling, the cards are the game-standard 2.5˝ x 3.5˝. If you want to make them bigger, you certainly can. We’ve tested card legibility generated by a variety of printers from cheap home printers to professional-grade, and we have found them to be readable, but for higher print quality, nicer printers make a difference. (So, you might want to go to a print shop or use our Print-On-Demand service, once it’s available, which should also be in the not-so-distant future.)

• When you make a PDF, it generates a link at the bottom that you can share with your friends. This link will let them look at whatever cards you’ve pulled together, or you can use it to tease them with models you might be getting them for whatever special occasion.

• If you try to print a thousand models’ worth of cards in a single PDF, I'm told the server will just laugh at you, but it can do a hundred just fine. (I decided it was a pretty great idea to put that many Karchevs on a page. Talk about Karchev spam!)

• When we release a new batch of errata, we will collect all affected cards in a single button up at the top to download. Battle boxes, theme forces, and other standard combinations will also be available with the single push of a button for your ease!

Enjoy using the Privateer Press Card Database! We’re excited to see how the community uses it going forward, and we hope it makes it that much easier for you to field any army with the latest rules!