Insider 4/19/2010 - Chris Walton

It has always been my long-standing belief that everything in this world can be made better with the addition of bacon. Bacon is delicious. The only thing better than bacon is a larger helping of bacon. This was recognized early on in the creation of the Iron Kingdoms with the inclusion of the Farrow. What could be better than creatures that are essentially bacon wrapped in iron and carrying guns? Not much. I would even venture to guess that when a unit of Farrow is killed by Flameguard Cleansers or an Assault Kommando Flamethrower the smell is mind-numbingly delectable. So far, each HORDES expansion has added new Farrow types in small amounts. Bacon bits, if you will. But the arrival of Forces of HORDES: Minions steps up the goodness in a big way. If the Farrow were just scatterings of succulent bacon before, they are now a BLT of awesome and epic proportions. The new heavy Farrow Warbeast, the War Hog is a towering engine of destruction. A nightmare patchwork of the discarded materials left behind by the rest of the Iron Kingdoms, the War Hog is truly terrifying to behold. When I was designing the look of this guy, Creative Director Ed Bourelle suggested a mad scientist’s dream given form. A Franken-Pig if you will. That was an idea I could get behind pretty easily. I think this guy will look awesome next to our previous Farrow heavy, Brine. Where Brine is nature gone wrong, this guy is science gone horribly awry. I also like the ironic touches of arming him with two meat cleavers. If there is turkey bacon, why not Trollkin bacon or Titan bacon? I’m sure the War Hog is aiming to find out how those’ll taste. I’ll bet they are delicious. NOTE: Chris Walton’s opinions on bacon and its effects on your health and lifestyle are not necessarily those of Privateer Press Inc. , its employees, or affiliates. But damn, does bacon taste good.