Insider 4-7-2011


With the release of WARMACHINE: Wrath just a few months away, I thought it would be great to go over the process of illustrating the Wrath cover art. Andrea Uderzo, our beloved super star artist, really went to town on this one.

For the Wrath cover, we decided to show a dominant Cryx about to overrun Cygnaran defenders. While the book contains loads of great new characters and warjacks, the battle engines really steal the show, and we wanted to show them in action on the cover. Here we see the massive Cryx Wraith Engine dismantling the Cygnar Storm Strider. Although there are a few classic units in this scene, we have included many new characters and warjacks so the cover reflects the contents of the book.

Stage 1: Rough Sketch

Here Andrea has followed the art brief and sketched out the scene. At this stage, we focus on the overall composition, as well as the poses and implied effects that will be rendered out in the final.

Stage 2: Final Lines

Andrea meticulously draws the line work for all the contents in the cover.

Stage 3: Grayscale

Here Andrea sets the overall lighting and shading in grayscale. This makes it easy to apply color layers over the grayscale, as the lighting will generally be the same in both the gray and color renderings of the art.

Stage 4: Final Color

For the final, Andrea applies color layers over the grayscale. He also adds in extra lighting effects and applies their cast light to the surrounding environment and characters.

My favorite part of this piece—and really all of Andrea’s covers—is the level of action taking place. I love being able to see action in the extreme foreground, and then when I look further back in a little pocket of space there is something of equal interest.

Watch for WARMACHINE: Wrath this June and be sure to stay tuned for more in future insiders!