Insider 4-6-2011

Astute readers will recall there are a number of painting projects I’ve discussed starting recently: Cryx, Circle, Cygnar, Retribution, and maybe some others I’ve forgotten. Cryx gave way to Circle, Cygnar was being painted for the Impossible Dream Challenge, and Retribution was being painted in anticipation of TempleCon 2011.

In terms of painting an entire army for 2011, I can’t settle on just one. Retribution is quite close to fully painted, Protectorate beckons, Circle is in its infancy, and I’m not ready to put Cygnar on the painting table. However, instead of working on any of these factions, I let the magpie instincts take over and a new-ish shiny has caught my eye. More accurately, I’ve found a new way to look at my old models.

The Grundback Gunner and the Grundback Blaster are both known affectionately as “Gun Bunnies.” I’ve heard them called this since I started playing WARMACHINE in 2005. For a few years, I’ve toyed with the idea of putting rabbit ears on a Gunner or Blaster and even building a bunny-themed Gorten battlegroup. Yeah, I dig doing goofy things to models.

Adam Johnson, our customer service representative, is a bad influence. He comes up with cool conversions on a regular basis, and I’ll blame him for a part of this—even if I did ask for his help. My question was, “Is there anything in our line I could convert into a killer bunny?” Adam came back with a question of his own: “Does it have to be organic?”

"No, it doesn’t have to be organic."

And we were off to the races.

Why a killer bunny? Well, because it was requested, and I like a challenge. Finding the right pieces wasn’t that difficult. The “ears” are codpieces from a Dervish and the chainsaw from a Renegade. Since it’s unlikely to see table-time, there should be no issues with the conversion. Coming up with a color scheme. . . that was a little tougher. After some discussion in the break room, pink seemed the most appropriate color for the medium-based ’jack.

Say hello to Killer.

Drawing yet again on the wisdom of PG_LonelyMonk—who reminds me that anything worth doing is worth overdoing—I’ve built five bunnies in addition to Killer, and a sixth is in the works. I’ve got plans for converting some of the Rhulic heavies into war rabbits, and it appears I will get Gorten his brace of killer bunnies. I am fairly excited about this project—as silly as it is—and I will post an update when Gorten has a proper battlegroup.