Insider 4-5-2011

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try out a new warlock for my Skorne army. Because I am a sucker for the Theme Forces I looked at what I had in my painted collection and realized Tyrant Xerxis would be a prime choice to lead my army. I figured this would be a good time to switch out my warlock and roll with a new one.

With a freshly primed Xerxis on a table next to a fully painted army—and yes, I got lots of comments on doing that—I fought a Cryx army. I really enjoyed Xerxis’ play style: straightforward and aggressive, up front fighting alongside his troops. He even managed to beat down a Deathjack in one turn and still have a couple of fury points left! The rest of the turns followed suit. I was sold on him after that! So I took him home and painted him up over the weekend. A few hours and a couple of movies later, I had a new painted warlock. Here are some shots of him all done up to my fast army standards.

Next up on my painting table are two Razor Worms and a Basilisk Drake to play along with my Krea. When I am done painting those I’ll make sure to get them posted so you can see them.