Insider 4-28-2011

Simon Berman – Circle

With the popularity of last fall's WARMACHINE-oriented Impossible Dream Challenge, it was only a matter of time until we repeated it with HORDES. And what better time to kick off another Impossible Dream Challenge than the unveiling of Unbound! We weren't quite cruel enough to challenge our participants with 150 points in one month, but we're all going to get a good start on a truly massive army. Starting next week after this week's introductions, we'll be presenting the trials and travails of six Privateer staffers, as they attempt to paint 100 points of HORDES in one month!

In my role as Community Coordinator, I'm the poor guy who has to round up blogs from the staff on a regular basis and organize things like the Impossible Dream. Having sat out the last 'Dream, it seemed only fair that I participate this time. Not that comping myself a free army is a great hardship mind you, but painting 100 points in a month is a daunting task. Especially for someone like me who has let his painting skills get rusty in the last year or so.

I dithered about army choice for a while. The pointy lacquered sabaoths of the Skorne Empire were my first HORDES love, but I knew I'd be fooling myself if I tried to paint one hundred more points of Cataphracts and Praetorians in a month! It was while pondering my options that I first laid eyes upon the concept art for the upcoming Celestial Fulcrum. This awesome battle engine of the Circle Orboros would have to be mine even if I could not yet put my greedy hands on it. But what better way to prepare for its arrival than to paint a mighty host to accompany it! I knew I'd want lots of wolds, constructs, and related stuff like Sentry Stones and Stone Wardens, so my warlock choices were simple enough. I decided to make two battlegroups around Baldur the Stonecleaver and Krueger the Stormwrath. From there, it was simple enough to load up on Tharn Ravagers and Druids. I saw this army as an apocalyptic nightmare; the unbridled forces of Orboros lurching from the forest to wipe away civilization and cast the Iron Kingdoms into a new dark age.

It doesn't hurt that I have a plan on how to paint up so many sticks and stones with the quickness! I'll talk a little more about my list choices and paint scheme in my next post, but for now, before we introduce two more of the six Challengers, I'll leave you with my list:

Circle Orboros 100+11 points, 50 models

  • Baldur the Stonecleaver +6 points
  • • Megalith 11 points*
  • • 2x Woldwarden 9 points each*
  • • Woldwatcher 5 points*
  • • Woldwyrd 5 points
  • Krueger the Stormlord +5 points
  • • 2x Woldwarden 9 points each*
  • • Woldwyrd 5 points*
  • Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers 5 points
  • Druids of Orboros 7 points
  • 2x Feralgeist 1 point each
  • Lord of the Feast 4 points
  • Sentry Stone & Mannikins
  • 3 Shifting Stones 2 points
  • • Stone Keeper 1 point
  • Shifting Stones 2 points
  • • Stone Keeper 1 point
  • Tharn Ravager White Mane 3 points
  • 4 Tharn Ravagers 6 points
  • 6 Tharn Ravagers 9 points
  • Tharn Ravager Chieftain 2 points
  • Tharn Ravager Chieftain 2 points

Nick Scherdnik – Trolls

Hey, everybody. My name is Nick Scherdnik, and I work in production here at Privateer Press as one of the spin casters. I get to pour the liquid metal that creates the huge variety of soldiers and weapons in the Iron Kingdoms. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say I was more than a little nervous and doubtful when I first thought about taking on the HORDES Impossible Dream Challenge. The Impossible Dream couldn't be truer for me. Even though I've enjoyed focusing on the modeling and painting side of the hobby, I've never had a completely painted army for one reason or another. One hundred points in a month is a tall order, especially for me. However, since starting at Privateer, I've collected the models that appeal to me aesthetically and just sort of dreamt about one day getting around to playing with a fully painted army. I especially love the character in the Trollblood sculpts, so that's the army I'm going to attempt. I'll have to try new techniques to speed up my process, but I've decided to jump in and see what I can do. Is this finally my chance to have a fully painted force?

Johan Cea – Skorne

Well first off, my name is Johan. I'm a production worker at Privateer Press. In my spare time I'm always bored and looking for something to do. Anyway, enough with introductions, no one's here to read a biography about me. We are here to read about someone attempting to paint 100 points of Skorne and hopefully NOT FAIL!

My Skorne will be painted to look like a native jungle combat force. The color scheme will be dark green. There will be no shiny gold/metal/silver colors because this is a jungle army. My army is going to be lead by Supreme Aptimus Zaal, with a good number of Ancestral Guardians and Immortals thrown in. My goal is to make the army look like wooden statues. Finally, my Titans will be painted just like the grunts in my army. My goal is pretty simple; I hope this works out well!