Insider 4-27-2012

I was asked the other day, "Would you paint cavalry riders separately from their horses? If so, how would you do it?" I told this individual I would paint the riders separately from their mounts, and this is how I would do it.

Here in the studio, we love mounting miniatures on wooden dowels made by cutting small sections from a large wooden pole purchased at a hardware store. We use double-stick foam tape you can get at an office supply store. This tape has some serious sticking power and can even hold an Uhlan for painting. Often it helps to sand or file the bottoms of the feet to help them stick to the tape, and I did some light sanding on the bottoms of the Uhlan’s feet. I aligned the shields in a nice little row on a separate dowel. I glued a big popsicle stick to this dowel to create the space to pin the shields into place. I like to pin small parts to a dowel so they are positioned relative to their placement on the miniature when the dowel is placed on the painting table. This will keep the highlighting and shading consistent when painting the parts separately.

This image shows the model ready to be primed and painted.

Notice how bases are glued to some of the dowels; this will help with keep them stable.

It will be easier to paint the riders separately from the mounts and shields. If you glued the entire model together, it would be challenging to get the brush into hard-to-reach areas created by a completely built model. The wooden dowels allow you to hold the riders and shields while you paint them.

This is not law; if your aim is to get these guys painted as fast as possible, then glue the entire thing together and paint it all in one go. The areas that you can’t get your brush into are not all that easy to see anyhow. There are many approaches to this. Generally, I aim to paint minis as complete as possible and only paint them in parts when I feel I will get a better result. Keep in mind that this will be something you have to think about when gluing your miniatures together.

I hope this helps, and thanks for reading.