Insider 4-27-2011

I have been preaching the Lock & Load gospel for quite some time now. I firmly believe that If Morrow and Menoth were ever to duke it out, Lock & Load is where it would happen. Yup, it’s that big of a deal. (Menoth would totally win by the way. No contest.)

I have oft mentioned the many and wondrous benefits available to Lock & Load attendees: interaction with staff members, various tournaments, Iron Arena, and, of course, the seminars. I have also stressed the exclusive content that attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy. Part of that exclusive content includes the Lock & Load t-shirt. These t-shirts will be exclusive to attendees only. So, for those of you attending—and those jealous of attendees—here is a sneak peek at the first annual Lock & Load exclusive tee.

Here’s the deal. If you bought a Lock & Load badge and activated the badge on the Lock & Load site, you will receive an email with a link to the store. Purchase the exclusive t-shirt on the web store by May 12th and your shirt will be waiting for you at Lock & Load in Seattle.

As the picture above shows, the shirt is full of pure awesome. You’re probably going to want one. I know I do!

And for those of you who aren't attending Lock & Load don't despair! We will have two brand new t-shirts, one for WARMACHINE and one for HORDES, to be released first at GenCon 2011. Stay tuned to the Insider for more information.