Insider 4-25-2012

In No Quarter #42, the latest battle report features colossals, showing the Kraken and the Conquest in action. Creative director Ed Bourelle and director of business development Will Shick even used their own fully painted forces for the occasion. Working on the battle report is always tricky business. However, thanks to copious amounts of photos, and Editor in Chief Aeryn Rudel’s diligent note-taking, confusion is usually kept to a minimum.

Well, for the most part, anyway.

I was laying out the maps when I came across a hilarious bit of confusion. Looking at the army construction lists, I was putting each icon in place. Bloodgorgers? Check. Scrap Thrall? Check. Necrotech? Wait. Where’s the Necrotech? I couldn’t find him. I thought maybe he’ll show up in later turns, and I can work backwards from there…

Nope. No Necrotech.

Since it was his army, I asked Ed where he might have hidden it. Ed walked over, and without missing a beat, he pointed, “Right there.”

Right where?

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding…

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