Insider 4-24-13

As we developed the initial heavy infantry concepts for the Convergence of Cyriss, we wanted a solid selection of medium-based infantry within the faction. While most Convergence forces would primarily be made up of Obstructors and Reductors, these heavy infantry models were envisioned as the true core of the Convergence’s military might. As our conversations into the nature of Convergence doctrine and its impact on their approach to warfare deepened, the heavy infantry developed into three distinct units. Like gears in a clockwork machine, each filled a particular role within the greater Convergence army.

Designed to be an anchor point around which other Convergence models would operate, the Reciprocators are armed to maximize their vessels’ resilience. The shield design utilized by the Convergence has been covered in numerous places, but the Reciprocator unit is where this iconic element originated. Boasting the Shield Wall ability, a unit of Reciprocators can reach an admirable ARM 20. Each trooper has eight damage boxes, so only concentrated firepower has any hope of bringing these clockwork soldiers down. In addition to their toughness, the unit’s protean halberds make them a serious melee threat as well.

Protean weaponry is another product of our intense discussions on Convergence tactics and one of my favorite attributes of the faction. Each protean weapon is designed with two different modes, allowing their users greater tactical flexibility. The Reciprocators protean halberds grant either Set Defense for an effective DEF 14 against charge attacks or Empowered Attack, which grants +2 to damage rolls for an effective P+S 14. This combination of abilities makes Reciprocators an indispensible unit capable of blunting enemy assaults and then striking back with even greater power.

The Eradicators represent the heavy shock troops of the Convergence. By far my favorite of the heavy infantry options, the Eradicators’ only mission is to close with the enemy and destroy them utterly. While their base ARM 15 might seem low for troops rushing heedlessly at the enemy, a pair of protean bucklers grants a +2 ARM bonus while utilizing the Shields Up ability. Once within charge range, the unit’s protean bucklers snap open to reveal wicked fighting claws, granting the unit +2 to attack rolls for an effective MAT 9. As if this unit wasn’t potent enough, Side Step allows them to rip apart enemy formations with surgical precision.

One of the few ranged units in the Convergence, the Perforators wield powerful protean javelins whose Armor Piercing ability makes them the bane of heavy armor. While their javelins have fairly limited range, their weapon's Variable [Ranged] ability Snipe combines wonderfully with the unit’s Assault (Order), letting the Perforators attack targets up to 18˝ away. Throw in the Diffuser’s Beacon ability to raise the Perforator’s threat range to 20˝ and the Flare ability from an Attunement Servitor to bring their effective RAT to 7, and Perforators are more than capable of going toe-to-toe with the ranged units of any other faction. When greater hitting power is called for over additional range, the Perforators can use the Empowered Attack ability to push their javelins to an effective POW 8. If an opponent survives their javelins, gear blade melee weapons can finish the job.

No matter which flavor of heavy infantry you choose, each brings excellent resilience and tactical flexibility to their chosen form of destruction. Best of all, the Convergence’s heavy infantry have the Repairable ability, allowing you to keep them running through the worst the enemy can throw at them.

Until next time!