Insider 4-17-13

With the exciting release of Skull Island eXpeditions earlier this month, and the buzz surrounding the excellent Dave Gross novella The Devil’s Pay, it felt only right to devote this week’s Insider to the unquestionably awesome Cyrissist stars of that tale: Aurora, Numen of the Aerogenesis and her Clockwork Angels.

Visually, Aurora is a truly stunning model. Our talented art team, led by Art Director Mike Vaillancourt and Creative Director Ed Bourelle, spared no effort in her design. For an in-depth look at this process, be sure to check out The Convergence Begins in No Quarter #47, which was released last month. And for a peek at the full stats for the Clockwork Angels, grab a copy of No Quarter #48 releasing in May.

Other than Axis, Aurora is the only living warcaster in Forces of WARMACHINE: Convergence of Cyriss, and this status gives her a different outlook than her peers. As the inventor of the displacer drive, which grants Aurora and her Clockwork Angels the power of true flight, Aurora prefers surgically precise lightning strikes against her enemies and an army composition that emphasizes combined arms of troops and vectors.

Clockwork Angels aren’t the only unit to benefit from fighting under Aurora, however, as the Numen of the Aerogenesis wields a number of support spells designed to turn her soldiers into true terrors on the battlefield.

The spell Transference allows Aurora’s troops to utilize her focus to bring the hurt where it is most needed. To get her forces to the action, True Path grants friendly Faction warrior models/units beginning their activations in Auroraʼs control area +2˝ movement and Pathfinder. This brings even Convergence’s medium infantry up to a respectable SPD 7, letting them blitz right into an unprepared opponent. When combined with Aurora’s feat Eleventh Hour, which grants friendly Faction models Refuge for one round, the movement boost from True Path allows Aurora’s army to alpha strike and melt away before her opponents know what hit them.

Of course, it’s impossible to convey the effectiveness of Aurora’s lightning-fast attack style without discussing the Clockwork Angels. As the progenitor of the Clockwork Angels, Aurora has several abilities to increase their effectiveness. Elite Cadre [Clockwork Angels] gives CMA to all Clockwork Angel units, granting them additional punch in melee. Aurora herself boasts Flank [Clockwork Angels], to further emphasize the battlefield relationship she has forged with her closest followers. When combined with the spell Flashing Blade and her exceptional SPD 7, Aurora can cut a bloody swathe through the enemy army when accompanied by her favored bodyguards.

Also at SPD 7 and featuring both Flight and Reform, the Angels have amazing mobility on the battlefield. Tack on Advanced Deployment, and this three-man unit can easily be in striking distance by turn two. Blade Shield grants them a +2 DEF bonus against incoming ranged attacks, taking their DEF to a very respectable 16 and giving them additional protection against lone enemy snipers. But with ARM 12 and only a single damage box, the Angels do need to be wary of AOE’s and concentrated enemy fire.

Also noteworthy are the Angel’s binomial blades and binomial beams, both of which have the Magical Weapon advantage, making these aerial slayers the perfect unit for dealing with pesky incorporeal solos like Pistol Wraiths or Void Spirits. When combined with Aurora’s spells and feat, the Clockwork Angels become an insanely fast, precision strike force.

Until next time!