Insider 4-16-2012

The best thing about my job here at Privateer Press is that I get to speak one-on-one with retailers every day. The hobby and gaming industry is home to some of the hardest working people in the world, not to mention some of the liveliest people you’ll ever meet. There are countless stores that work tirelessly to make sure our players have a community they can call their own.

We’re committed to promoting outstanding brick-and-mortar retailers. With that in mind, we run a feature here on called the Retailer Spotlight, where we highlight the awesome things that our retailers do to go above and beyond. If your store is doing something praise-worthy, we want to hear about it. There are two ways you can help us bring the Spotlight onto your local retailer.

First, if you feel like your store deserves to be mentioned in a Retailer Spotlight, tell me about it in an email. We'll spotlight stores with the most exemplary stories right on our front page! Or if you feel like singing the praises of your retailer more directly, there is a thread in the Retail Info section of the forums just for people to gush about everything their friendly neighborhood game store is doing right. Keep the thread positive and remind everyone why it’s so much fun to play Privateer Press games. I can’t wait to read all the great things your favorite stores do!