Insider 4-10-13

Today’s Convergence of Cyriss Insider shines the spotlight on the Optifex Directive and the Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex. Unlike the mighty chromed-steel clockwork soldiers of the Convergence who stride into battle heedless of death, the Optifex Directive and Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex are living warrior models with little to protect their vulnerable human bodies.

The Optifex are peerless engineers and mechanics that serve vital roles on and off the battlefield. The Optifex Directive is a three-man unit capable of repairing a clockwork soldier or vector, though the Repair [8] skill is far from their primary function. Rather, this unit is all about increasing the efficiency of their warcaster’s vectors and fine-tuning them for changing battlefield conditions. The All-Terrain special action allows an Optifex in B2B with a friendly Faction construct to give that model Pathfinder. Does your Cipher need to clear a linear obstacle on its way to wreck face? Or maybe the Iron Mother wants to show the opposing warcaster her fancy cloak of blades, but there’s some rough terrain in the way? A few adjustments from your friendly Optifex Directive and you’ll be off to the pain-race.

The Optifex Directive can also do a little short-term tinkering with Convergence weaponry to give it some magical punch. An Optifex Directive in B2B with a friendly Faction construct can use the Weapon Modulation special action to grant the Magical Weapon advantage. Need to get around a Wind Wall? Pesky Pistol Wraiths got you down? Call in the Directive and transform your mundane weapon woes into the joy of magical destruction!

Astute readers have probably noticed we’ve yet to mention a vector with an Arc Node. This is because the Convergence has found an altogether different solution for extending the reach of their warcaster’s arcane might.

The Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex solo has perhaps the most thankless and dangerous job in the Convergence. He accompanies his warcaster’s vectors into battle, tapping into their residual energy fields to empower his subharmonic tuning apparatus. This complex mechanikal device allows friendly Faction warcasters to channel spells through him while he is within 5˝ of a friendly Faction vector. With FA 4 and at a cost of only 1 point, the Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex grants Convergence warcasters a greatly increased threat range for their spells.

All this flexibility does come at a price. Both types of Optifex are rather squishy. The Iron Sentinel ability gives both the Optifex Directive and Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex a much-needed DEF and ARM boost while in B2B with a friendly Faction vector, but even that won’t protect them against a concentrated attack.

However, should the worst befall your faithful Optifex, never fear! For the Convergence has ways of making sure the souls of the faithful can continue the fight in the Maiden’s name, even in the heat of battle.

But that revelation is best saved for another time!