Insider 4-1-2013

In last week’s Privateer Insider, Brian Dugas showed off his amazing sculpting work on the Archangel, the new Legion of Everblight gargantuan. This week, I want to show you how to properly clean the monstrous wings that come with this incredible model.

During the resin casting process, resin flow points are cut into silicon molds to form the sprue, which holds a part in place during the casting process. The Archangel uses a very thick sprue to ensure the large resin wings are cast correctly when pouring the mold. Don’t worry, though, this tutorial shows you how to correctly remove the excess resin and mold lines from your model and get your Archangel flying onto the tabletop in no time.

It is important to note that resin dust can be toxic if inhaled. The best way to prevent this when working with resin models is to wear a respirator mask. Also, using the Formula P3 Hobby Knife to clean mold lines releases less dust than other methods, such as filing or sanding.

Before getting started, take a look at the wings and see which areas need cleaning. The highlighted areas in red are the areas we will be focusing on. Note the areas located at the end of the wings are actually tabs that connect the wings to the Archangel’s body. Do not remove these tabs.

Most Archangel wings contain small amounts of webbing formed when the resin mold is cast. Simply take your Formula P3 Hobby Knife and poke through the webbing nearest the sprue. Then carefully trace along the exterior of the model to remove this patch of resin.

To remove the sprue from the wings, start by clipping the smaller sections of resin attached to the spikes and the sprue. This helps keep tension off the spikes when the larger sections are cut.

After removing the smaller amounts of flash attached to the spikes and wings, move onto the large sprue between each wing spike. Be careful; clipping the sprue too quickly may cause damage to part of the wing. Also, clipping the sprue all the way through may bend the wing or break it off entirely. To properly remove the sprue between the wing spikes, use the Formula P3 Clippers to clip out a small section near the middle. After removing this smaller piece, slowly cut through the middle section of the sprue.

Since the piece we need to cut away is larger than the spikes holding it, make smaller cuts from the middle working out to the spikes on the wings. This helps prevent any damage to the spikes or wing. Repeat these processes until all the lower areas attached to the sprue are removed. For the areas of the upper wing, start by once again removing any webbing that might have formed between the wings during the casting process.

This part of the wing is solid enough that you can simply cut the resin in the middle without first making a smaller incision. After cutting through, make smaller cuts down the length of the flash until you have removed all of it.

Next, use the Formula P3 Hobby Knife to scrape away the mold lines on the wing. Be careful during this step. Don’t scrape away any of the veins or details on the model by accident.

While scraping along the mold lines, be sure to cut out the ripped or torn areas on the wings.

Finally, clean up any rough areas on the model with the Formula P3 File set.

Now its time to attach your Archangel’s wings and unleash its destructive power on the tabletop!