Insider 3/9/2010 - Brian Dugas

Welcome to the first of what I'm told will be a series of posts starring me, your friendly staff sculptor Brian Dugas. This is awesome because if there's one thing I love more than sculpting it's talking about myself.

Many of you may be building models, painting, or planning your next trip to yonder hobby store and thinking: "How could I get a job making the things I buy? How do I get a job that never requires that I wear a tie or shave on a regular basis?" Well, let me tell you how I did it.

I started out building and painting plastic sci-fi models and miniatures when I was 12 years old, eventually getting in to vinyl models and creating homemade resin kits. By the time I turned 16, I had quite a stack of built but unpainted models. That's when I realized I enjoyed the process of building and customizing models more than painting, so I thought I'd give sculpting a shot. By the time I turned 18, I was earning decent money making and selling homemade kits. I realized that with more training I could live the fabled life of wealth and fame known as the professional artist!

After toiling for years, I landed a great job through a contact at college (contacts; very important!) at a now defunct company making minis of superheroes, orcs, and video game characters. SWEET! That job led to many opportunities, not the least of which was working here at Privateer Press.

But what do I actually do here? Well, I take poses and concept art and turn them into the models that you’ll use to kick the snot out of your friends with!

Cool right? As for my street cred, I sculpted many of the Retribution models, plus the revised versions of the Butcher, Irusk, and Asphyxious. I also do much of the clean-up work, alterations and parts break down for models sculpted by outside talent.

If you have questions or a specific topic you'd like covered let Simon know and I'll see if I can oblige!